• Katrina Rojas

BARCELONA: Bestie Edition / Summary

Well, well, well I have taken a short leave of absence due to my crazy schedule and moving into my new home BUT I won't leave y'all hangin'. My best friend, Yamelia, and I had a blast in Barcelona though we didn't get to see all the cool spots that the gorgeous city is known for. My favorite, of course, was going to the Sagrada Familia which is definitely top 3 must-sees of Barcelona. You gotta pay extra to see every thing but the costs are cheap, and it's really much bigger than you may think it is at first. On the flip side, we'll tell you more of our outdoor water excursion in the second video below where you'll learn about all the fun things we did like riding a Fly-fish with a bunch of French-speaking girls who did not speak English, pero despite the language barrier, this was the most fun I have ever had!

Day 2



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