• Katrina Rojas

First Day of Class!

I walked to class today, which I probably will never do again. It was a very far walk but we learned how to take the bus so my roommate and I plan to utilize that as much as possible (it has AC, unlike our classrooms)! I like all of my classes because besides my grammar class the other 2 classes are focused on literature and as an English major I find this pretty interesting. My teachers are super nice and sweet, I’ve already got a favorite. HIS name is Nauzet, and he’s from Gran Canaria (an island I had no idea existed until today) & he dresses pretty dope too. He taught at Emory University in Atlanta which is cool, and he worked for an editorial company (which is sort of in my line of career interests). Long story short, he’s that one cool (and HOT) teacher that everyone has at school😂. Day 1 down, 18 more days to go!


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