• Katrina Rojas

Museo Art Nouveau Y Art Deco-Casa Lis

Had the chance to walk through one of the most stunning art galleries I’ve every been to right here in the heart of Salamanca. The collection of porcelain art is by far one of my favorites, along with Demétre Chiparus‘ elegant figure sculptures of ballerinas made of marble and bronze. This museum exhibits art that dates back to the 19th century, featuring elaborate decor that centralizes the theme of naturalism, elegance, modernism, femininity, and the Spanish culture.

The museum has this antique cafe called El Cafè De Lis. It’s so peaceful here, and the aesthetic just adds to the energy of the room. It has a patio that looks out at Salamanca, it’s so surreal. I see myself studying and writing here a lot while I’m here but I’d have to pay 2 euros each time I come which isn’t bad. I tried the Frutas De Caribe tea served in a white and blue glass cup covered with an intricate design (made me look & feel real classy)!


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