• Katrina Rojas

My First Impression of Spain

So, of course I was very excited to travel to Europe for the first time, but what I did not really expect was how HOT it was going to be. Man, the views are great but this heat got me wanting Fall to come sooner (and my host parents don't have AC, but I learned that having AC is not really common in Spain)!

However, I honestly wouldn't trade this for that Boston weather, y'all can have that. But yes, anyways, my host parents are wonderful people. They live in this cute little apartment, and I have my own room. I have a roommate named Nathalia who's 22, and she goes to my school too.

My first night here I went out to explore the night scene with some friends, and I'm not typically a person who drinks but I'm trying to let loose while i'm here 'cause ya know, when in Spain RIGHT?!

Tomorrow I have my placement test and we start actual classes on Tuesday, so I am looking forward to beginning that process and getting into the groove of things. Hopefully we don't have a ton of work to do every single day because the sun does not set until almost 10:30pm and I plan to do therapeutic things like maybe finally start a book (out of the many that I buy but never read) and have me a nice cup of sangria once or twice...a day.. :)


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