• Katrina Rojas

The Romantic Garden

Near the Cathedral in Salamanca you will find a small garden, Huerto de Calixto y Melibea, that looks like it came straight out of a disney princess movie. Wait, it sort of did...well it came from a love story. Fernándo de Rojas (and if you're going to pronounce "Rojas" you must roll your Rs, thank you) wrote a well-known tale named La Celestina about a tragic love affair between a man named Calixto and a woman named Melibea who met in a garden. Though the tale ended in tragedy, the garden lives on in memory of the story.

During the day, birds fly around chasing each other, emitting a peaceful sound and the scent of the flowers comes naturally with the slight breeze. During the night, the lights come on and people come to walk and experience the illuminating setting of a famous tale. As you walk in, you will see a well with a bunch of locks on it that were put there by friends and lovers. Basically, it's the small version of the love locks chained to the bridge in Paris.This garden is perfect for devoting and announcing your love for someone in a cheesy but romantic kind of way.

The man singing in the video above winked at me when he saw that I was recording ☺️😂. He’s so good, I wish I knew what he was singing about!


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